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If you want to experience a relaxing and immersive trip in the beauty of Rome, the weekend following Pasquetta is the perfect time for a bicycle ride with Bicycl-e’s recommended bike routes in Rome. Avoid the crowded Easter period and enjoy the city in all its tranquility.


One of our tours starts inside Villa Borghese, an oasis of peace in the heart of the city. Admire unique monuments such as the Water Clock, the Temple of Aesculapius, and the Borghese Gallery, while pedaling in total relaxation. Then head towards the Coppedé neighborhood, famous for its bizarre and mysterious architecture, which will leave you speechless. With styles ranging from Liberty to Art Deco, from neo-Gothic to modernism, and from Middle Eastern to medieval, this neighborhood is a true architectural masterpiece.

After exploring the Coppedé neighborhood, your bike tour could continue to Villa Torlonia, another beautiful park perfect for a quiet stroll under the Roman sun. Here there are various points of interest, and one of them is definitely the Casina delle Civette, a charming building that is worth visiting.

By bicycle Rome is a continuous discovery. A magical city full of small and big secrets. The bicycle is unobtrusive, inexpensive and extremely comfortable.


With Bicycl-e, you can rent quality bikes and have access to detailed bike itinerary maps, as well as assistance services in case of need. The weekend following Pasquetta is the ideal time to discover the beauty of Rome by bike. Alternatively, on there are several ready-made itineraries with detailed maps that you can follow to explore the city of Rome by bike. Check out our page with bike itineraries in Rome for more information, find to many recommended bike routes in Rome, and book your bike ride with Bicycl-e now.