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Terms and Conditions – TOURS REGULATIONS



The user declares to have read conditions indicated in Bicycle Roma Regulation and to have learned content and indications contained therein.

1) What is Bicycle Roma?

1.1. It’s an italian company “Sgb noleggio srl” based in via vittore carpaccio 60 – 00147 Roma, VAT number 14329241005; Bicycle Roma service offers guided urban and suburban bike tours in the Rome and Roman Castles cities through itineraries of historical-artistic-cultural-natural interest predetermined according to cycling

2) Who can use the service?

2.1. Access to the service is guaranteed upon presentation of the booking voucher. The user authorized to drive will have to comply with all the identification and qualification formalities: required by Bicycle Roma. The user undertake not to provide false information and false. identities.

2.2. The service is reserved for adults over 18 who can ensure perfect driving in a city context.

2.3. The service is also accessible to minors accompanied by an adult who assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to third parties by the minor or suffered by the minor himself. The person under 14 years old is expressly forced to wear a helmet.

2.4. Bicycle Roma reserves the right to refuse service access to people who are not considered capable of driving the vehicle for any reason and, in any case, at its sole discretion.

2.5. The use of the bicycle requires the physical and intellectual fitness as well as the technical expertise of those who intend to ride it. Therefore, with vehicle taking over, the user declares to be equipped with adequate skills and appropriate competence, without placing any reservations.

2.6. Users must wear clothing and footwear suitable for the use and riding of the vehicle.

3) How to access the service?

3.1. The service can be booked and purchased on the website or through the OTA Online Travel Agency websites.

3.2. The minimum number of participants is 2. If this threshold is not reached, the user can reschedule the tour or get a refund of the costs incurred.

3.3. At the end of the booking, the user will receive a voucher with tour time and meeting point and any other information useful for using the service.

3.4. The tour starts and ends at the meeting point indicated on the voucher.

3.5. The reservation has a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours from the date and time of departure of the booked tour. The Tour will not be canceled in case of adverse weather conditions (see point 4.5 below). Therefore, in such situations, no refunds will be granted, nor will there be any change of reservation.

4) Conditions for using the service

4.1. The user must present himself at the meeting point stated in the voucher at least 15 minutes before the indicated time on voucher in order to proceed with the check-in and eventual payment of the tour if only the booking has been made through the website

4.2. The user and Bicycle Roma (or his delegate) will verify, upon delivery of the vehicle, the status of functionality and accessories. The designated guide will assist users in adjusting the seat, handlebar and tire pressure of the bike. The Guide will inform users of any admissible and small-scale faults due to the ordinary consumption of the vehicle and its accessories and does not constitute a danger for driving.

4.3. The vehicle thus regulated is taken over by the user who recognizes it as mechanically efficient.

4.4. The user is required to promptly notify the Guide of any failure of the vehicle or its accessories.

4.5. The Bike Tour will not be canceled in case of rain. In light or moderate rain, Bicycle Roma will provide each user with a raincoat. In case of heavy rain, the designated guide will lead users on a walking tour

4.6. The user is required to observe the utmost care in the use of the vehicle and its accessories

4.7. The user who took over the vehicle is required to return it together with the accessories in the same conditions.

4.8. Upon returning the vehicle and its accessories, Bicycle Roma reserves the right to ascertain any damages and/or malfunctions caused by the user.

5) How to use the service?

5.1. Each tour is preceded by an introduction on the main rules to be observed by the designated Guide.

5.2. The main rules to be observed are the following: cycling in Indian row not side by side, do not cycle parallel to the tram tracks, getting off the bike and accompanying by hand in areas where driving is not allowed or in the case of crossing road intersections demanding or in any case whenever indicated by the guide, switching on the lights supplied when the lighting conditions require it..

5.3. The user is required, in any case, to comply with the rules set out in the Rules of Road that he declares to know. Bicycle Roma declines all responsibility in the case of improper use of the vehicle by user.

5.4. The user is also required to observe the rules of common sense and diligence using and riding the vehicle.

5.5. The designated guide has the right to request the removal of the person who does not respect the aforementioned rules and/or who endangers his own safety or that of other users.

5.6. The tour includes a specified number of stops. Except for exceptions agreed with the designated Guide and with the consent of all participants, access to places of interest is not foreseen, in any case, the payment of any entrance tickets, unless expressly stated, is not included in the purchase price of the tour and, therefore, will be borne by users.

5.7. There will be a break of about 15 minutes which can be used for a quick snack at the expense of the user or as a rest break. During the break, the intake of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. The custody of the vehicles during the parking period is carried out by the designated Guide.

5.8. The departure from the group, strictly on foot is allowed only during the scheduled stop. It is strictly forbidden to leave the group for any reason at times other than the scheduled stop.

5.9. In general, it is forbidden, except for reasons of force majeure, to abandon the tour before its conclusion. The user is therefore required to complete the tour even if the tour continues for up to 15 minutes longer than the estimated time.

5.10. During the tour, photographs could be taken for information, dissemination and promotional. purposes. The consent of the subject immortalized for the dissemination, publication or disclosure of the aforementioned material is issued with the signing of a separate release form. It is understood that the photographic material that compromises the dignity or dignity of the persons concerned will not be processed and will be immediately canceled. Dissemination, publication or disclosure may take place:

  • on the “Bicycle Roma” websites;
  • on the social channels of “Bicycle Roma”;
  • on printed paper and / or on any other means of diffusion/publication, even atypical.

6) Liability for damages

6.1. During the guided tour, the user is responsible for any event or damage caused to himself, to third parties and to things, resulting from the use of the vehicle or accessories. No form of compensation can be requested from Bicycle Roma.

6.2. In case of damage caused by the user to vehicle or accessories (excluding punctures) not attributable to normal use of the same, Bicycle Roma will reserve the right to proceed with the quantification and request a refund.

6.3. In case of theft, unreturned or irreparable damage of the vehicle, the user must compensate the damage on the basis of the list prices of the vehicle or of the components

6.4 Bicycle Roma is not responsible for damage to user’s goods or loss and theft of goods suffered by users during the tour

7) Jurisdiction

7.1 For disputes deriving from these General Conditions, Italian laws will apply.

7.2. The place of jurisdiction will be Rome.


Terms and Conditions – RENTAL REGULATIONS

The rental and use of bicycles (electric and classic) necessitates the knowledge and unconditional acceptance by the user of this regulations and of the rates of the management Sgb Noleggio srl based in via vittore carpaccio 60, 00147 Rome (RM), VAT number 14329241005 , operating through the Affiliated Bike Point.

1) The User declares to return the bicycle and all the rented material in perfect working order and maintenance. Any damage must be reported by the end of the rental to Bicycle Roma.

2) To obtain the rental of a bicycle, the user must show an valid identification document with photograph for eg passport, in addition to making the payment requested, and also a security deposit of € 400 in cash or by pre-authorization as guarantee, of a valid credit card of the holder of the aforementioned contract.

3) Activities involved in active travel and the tours described in our printed material and on our website are physically demanding, strenuous and potentially dangerous. By reserving space on a tour, tour participants acknowledge that they are in suitable physical and mental condition to perform the activities described herein. At the discretion of employees of Bicycle Roma Tours, participants failing to meet these physical and mental requirements, or participants deemed harmful or disruptive to other participants’ enjoyment of the tour, may be asked to leave the tour, with no refund applicable. In the case of use by minors with the signing of this contract, the parent / custodian or guardian of the minor assumes all the responsibilities indicated in this contract and by the civil code, and consequently authorizes the minor to use the bicycle under the conditions provided for this regulation.

4) The bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport and must be treated with care, common sense and diligence, in order to avoid damage to both the bicycle and its accessories. It is forbidden to use the bicycle to carry out commercial activities and it is possible to transfer it for use to other parties.

5) The user is responsible for the bicycle until it is returned to the Management; he is also responsible for any damage caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third parties and things during the use of the vehicle. No form of compensation may be requested from the Management

6) The User is required to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The Management declines any form of responsibility in the event of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code.

7) The Management may carry out checks on Users during the use of bicycles and may request their return if it recognizes the conditions for improper use of the vehicle. The Manager may refuse the rental to people in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs (pursuant to articles 186-187 of the Highway Code) and for other reasons at the sole discretion of the Management.

8) In case of loss of keys, bicycle accessories or for damage, the Management will request the monies from the customer for the amount necessary for the original restoration of the bicycle, based on what is indicated in this contract or, in the absence of the price list, in the supplier’s quote.

9) The bicycle must be returned, in compliance with the times indicated in this contract, in the same place where it was rented. The bicycle is considered returned only if returned directly to the Bike Point with the countersigning of the return on the contract; bicycle parking outside the rental point cannot be considered returned during closing time. Failure to return the bicycle without prior communication or in any case not motivated by exceptional cases, will be considered as a theft crime and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.

10) The Management is not required to intervene, therefore failure to intervene cannot be a cause of contractual breach. It is in the Managements interest to collect the bicycle, and only momentary contingencies can make the intervention impossible. The Management is not required to intervene in the event of a puncture if the User has not purchased Bicycle Rescue Cover for punctures (extra cost of €12)

11) The User must pay the relevant payment before the start of the rental, any damage will be paid at the official Bike Point or at the affiliated facility.

12) The hirer declares that he has not been affected by ailments or diseases incompatible with the use of the rented property and that he is in good health. The renting company is exempt from any liability with respect to false or untrue state of health statements made by the renter on his own state of health.

13) In the event of theft of the bicycle, the User must immediately notify the Management to one of the contacts on the website

14) Bicycle Roma makes available to the renter the possibility of taking out a third party liability insurance policy valid during the rental period. The aforementioned policy has a deductible of € 500.00.

15) The User who rents one or more bicycles for several days, is obliged to use the rented goods in closed and safe places, such as hotels, b&b etc. In case of theft or damage they are the only one responsible towards the Management for the damage caused to the bicycles. Although not mentioned in this regulation, the relationship between the parties (contracting parties) is governed by the provisions of the civil code. For any dispute arising between the Parties, the competent court is that of Rome.

16) Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the experience (Rental or Tours): 100% refund.
  • No refund within 48 hours of the start of the experience: 0% refund.

17) Check the condition of the bicycle before use (brakes, wheels, etc.). Bicycle Roma during use is not responsible for your incorrect and reckless use. If you encounter any problems you are required to notify, before departure, the Bicycle Roma employees who will intervene to replace the vehicle or to solve the problem ascertained.

18) Check the battery level of the supplied electric bicycle. We remind you that it is not a scooter, if the battery is full you have a MINIMUM 40km of autonomy, REFUND REQUESTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IF YOU RETURN BEFORE THE RENTAL ESTABLISHED, UNLESS PROBLEMS ARE FOUND WITH THE BATTERY ITSELF.

19) Bicycle Roma is not responsible for damage caused to your clothing, you are solely responsible as you are required to check any problems before rental.